The Indo Jax® Mission:

Indo Jax Logo

Indo Jax® is truly a one of a kind surf school! We are different from the others for many reasons. First of all, our qualifications set us apart from any surf school you’ll find anywhere. Our instructors are certified teachers with extensive surfing backgrounds. Our ocean experience, safety training and teaching background is unparalleled. With our qualifications we can provide a “learn to surf” experience that the others just can’t. In addition, our prices are quite a bit lower than the industry standard. We could charge much more, but we don’t, because we love to teach people to surf! Our most unique feature, however, is we give back! We have an impressive outreach learn to surf program. We donate our time and money to local charities, we sponsor local charity events, as well as offer free surf camps to various groups ranging from children infected with HIV, to children with autism. The motto at the school is simple, “We are nothing if we don’t give back!”

Our ultimate goals are:

  1. teach people to surf in a fun and safe learning environment
  2. bring surfing to people who might otherwise not have a chance to do so.
  3. use the stoke of wave riding to build self-esteem in people
  4. promote a love of the ocean environment
  5. set an example of charity for others to follow. All while having a great time!

Hours of Operation